"How to make $5,000 to $15,000
r more Each Month working
from home With The Most
lucrative opportunity in 2010...
I'll even take you by the hand
and personally work with you
To make it happen."

You can do this without "Buying" or "Selling" anything, without using any of your own money or credit, from home in your own spare time
(and from anywhere in the country).

Dear Friend,

I'd like to ask you a few questions. Be open and honest with yourself as you answer them...

If you are feeling any of these things right now I want you to STOP and imagine a new reality...

Just imagine if tomorrow you woke up with absolutely nothing to do... where you had all the money you needed coming in and so there was no stress or pressure to do anything .... only what you wanted to do..?

How would that feel like? How would that change your life? Would you be happier (and more stress free)?

Well that's EXACTLY what my life is like right now

And it all happened with a very simple discovery I made late one night at 3 o'clock in the morning...

from living on welfare and food stamps to
living the life of my dreams...

This is my actual view from my home office and my brand new BMW 650i ... all possible with my the method that I created and will reveal to you in this letter (it changed my life and it can do the same for you)

After spending many years hitting my head up against the wall with trying to find a way to make a full time income and leave my JOB I started to wonder...

"Why does it look and sound so easy until you try and actually make any of this making money stuff work?"

I mean, when you see all the ads in the magazines and on the internet about making money with your own business it all sounds so easy?

But then when you get to the doing it's like a completely different world.

It's as if someone was holding up a curtain and hiding the truth about how to make things work.

As a kid I always dreamed about making tons of money... the cars.. the boats..the fancy houses, etc.

I grew up in Puerto Rico dirt poor. So poor we didn't have running water or plumbing. Which meant going to the bathroom in an outhouse (very scary at night with all the bug crawling all over the place) and my mom giving me a bath over a pail of water.(The interesting thing is that as a child you don't really think anything of it since its how you are used to things

I came here to the U.S. to a little better situation (I had running water and a real bathroom now) but still didn't have any money.

It was my mom, dad, my brother, and me living in a small 800 square foot - one bedroom frame house (that was literally falling over on its side).

It was so bad that I never had any of my friends come pick me up at the house whenever I could afford to go to the movies or the mall. (They actually met me a block down the street)

But I knew that there was a better way and I thought that going to college and getting a degree was the sure path to success.

So I went to college and got a degree in accounting and went to work looking to make my millions... (well I got a BIG reality check right away)

Do yOU have a crappy job you hate?

I remember having to get up at the crack of dawn each day and spending hours sitting through traffic to be at my job.. a job I could not stand to be at.

Sundays were the worst day also ...

Since the entire day Sunday I would spend depressed about having to back to work the next day.

And of course there was the issue of money.

I was struggling to pay every bill and living in a cramped and dingy one bedroom apartment.

Seriously, it's pretty embarrassing to be a grown man living in a damp one bedroom apartment. (I mean my life was better when I lived with my parents.)

Sometimes having a job you hate is just like being trapped inside a jar (that you can't get out of) . It's almost impossible to get out unless you have someone to give you a helping hand.side a jar (I want to share my story and help free YOU from your "day job prison").

So I started to look for an opportunity for me to own my own business.

I started to buy courses and make money programs.

Everything I could get my hands on so that I could finally have my own business and make the money I always dreamed about...

But everything I tried didn't work...

Every course and program that I bought left me worse off than when I first got my hands off (especially when you are spending money on these things and not getting any return on my investment)

I was frustrated....

My dreams of finally making it... of providing for my family .. of having the lifestyle I always dreamed about ... it was all crumbling right in front of my eyes ...NOTHING WAS WORKING.

The big "Ah ha!" that changed
everything for me

At first I thought it was me...

I MUST be just plain dumb since I cant figure this thing out.

But then one day I realized what exactly had gone wrong.

All this time I was going after and trying to make money with SCAMS and "pie in the sky" business ventures.

I was taken for a ride!

You name it and I was involved with it.

MLM (multi-level marketing), pyramid schemes, telemarketing and cold calling, door to door selling.... all of them promising that I could make tens of thousands of dollars a month ...

So I started to think about and research how most of the millionaires (and billionaires) have made their fortunes.

I knew that I didn't want to do anything that would require any sort of fancy degree or training.

Not something that wouldn't be here today and then gone tomorrow...

And then one fateful evening I had my defining moment (actually it wasn't the evening .. more like very very late night).

There was a guy on TV telling me how I could make money with no money down real estate.

This was what I was looking for...

Something that is tried and proven for decades as a legitimate way to make money and have your own home based business....

I mean real estate has been around FOREVER.

More money is made and wealth created through real estate than by any other means in America, period, and that's a fact.

Why real estate investing
is the Perfect
"Home-Based business

WARNING: You may be tempted to completely disregard the very idea of being involved in real estate right now.

In fact, you should completely stay away from real estate right now if you are planning on following the same old school and outdated techniques from those gurus on TV pitching their courses and seminars.

THAT type of real estate is filled with risks and pitfalls.

You see the way that myself and my students are involved with real estate is COMPLETELY different than 99% of the population out there believes it should work.

Here is just a few quick facts...

  • Conventional real estate is hard... MY system is very simple and not complicated at all. Once you put a few things in place it runs like a well oiled machine that literally spits out cash on demand
  • My system requires NO cash or credit, NO having to go out and get bank loans, or any of the things that typical real estate investors and business owners do.
  • There is absolutely NO expertise required. You don't need to have a fancy college degree, licenses, or specialized education to make the kind of money that attorneys, lawyers and ceo's make
  • You can get started with very little money or investment in your part. Unlike franchises and regular businesses where you have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars BEFORE you make any money ... my system has the potential to make you huge amounts of cash quickly .. and WITHOUT any of the risk of a conventional business.
  • You don't need to work 40-80 hours a week to make my system work. Unlike a franchise or some other home based business you can make all the money you want BUT have the time to enjoy it. This is great if you are working at your J-O-B and only have a few hours a day to work this business.
  • There is NO face to face selling! Don't worry if you are not a salesperson or good with people face to face.. it's not necessary since you never personally meet with anybody to make this work...we never leave the house

There is absolutely NO REASON why this can't be THE "dream" home-based, part time business that you always dreamed about. The type of business that gives you great income immediately and finally, really puts you on the path to financial freedom.

Whatever you do DO NOT disqualify yourself until you know the facts.

In addition, if you COMPARE real estate to any other legitimate business that you may want to start then you will see just how much better real estate is than all the rest of the stuff out there.

Most new businesses require a ton of your time, your cash or credit, risk in getting leases and buying inventory, involve having you be a salesperson, hiring employees, etc.

The entire process is easily done in just a few simple steps (I will list them out for you in just a minute).

There are NO products to buy, NO inventory to sell or handle.

Even though "real estate" may sound intimidating, and some of the terminology that you hear may sound foreign to you, there is absolutely NO SIMPLER WAY OF MAKING HUGE AMOUNTS OF FAST CASH than this!

Remember, that just like you, I had been looking for a "legitimate" way to make money and once i figured out my simple system then EVEYTHING CHANGED for me.

So while everybody is complaining about today's economy... I just keep on taking checks to the bank completely with my system.

The HUGE problem with Trying to learn how to make money with real estate

So I saw the guy on TV driving around with the fancy cars, houses and boat and I was sold.

I called the 800 number on the television and ordered the package they offered to the "first 100 callers".

I waited anxiously (the mailman thought I was stalking him and almost called the police).

And when it got there I ripped through the package and started watching all the videos excited to know that very soon I would have that fancy sports car in the drive way waiting for me.

But then things just started to unravel...

The strategies that the trainer taught in the course just didn't work in real life.

I followed step by step but frankly the results I was getting were COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what they talked about in the TV show.

Some of the strategies the course proposed also needed me to risk a lot of money.

They required me to put up down payments and deposits, take out loans, use my credit ... bottom line was they wanted me to take a bunch of risk... risk that I really couldn't afford to take.

On top of that, some of the stuff that they wanted me to try was just to darn complicated.

Bottom line is that I lost the money that I invested in the course (I really wasn't in a position to lose money at that point .. especially when wasn't making any)

But I discovered the first piece of the puzzle....

why everything that they teach about real
estate investing is completely wrong

If you are like most people, you may think that the way to make money with real estate is to simply buy a house put a few tenants inside and then hold on for the ride... hoping that in 10-15 years the property has gone up in value.

Perhaps you've watched watched the "flipping" shows on TV and think you have to find a house that needs a ton of repairs.

If you are completely brand new to real estate investing the last thing you want do is use your own money to buy a house like THIS ONE (including trying to fix up a property like this and trying to resell it and make a profit). You are going to make a mistake and lose money... PERIOD. (I do the complete opposite of this)

Then go out and get a bank loan or take money out of their bank account to actually take ownership of the property by buying it.

Then you have to make the repairs to the property over the course of the next few months to finally put it back on the market to sell the property and "maybe" make a profit.

That's of course if nothing goes wrong, your repair estimates were correct, and if nothing else went wrong.

And hopefully it wont take another 6 months to sell ... since the first buyer you find may not qualify and you may end up putting the property back on the market again.

While you were fixing up the property and waiting for it to sell you were paying a mortgage, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

And... most importantly ..

Waiting, hoping and praying in this housing market that the value of the house hasn't dropped while you were doing this..

Sound risky?

Well that's exactly the type of real estate you DONT want to be involved with .. especially when you are brand new to the game.

I finally discovered An Underground strategy no other Guru talks about ... eVER

So I wanted make money with real estate but the big problem was that I HAD NO MONEY.

Zip.. zilch .. nada.....

And on top of that I need to make money TODAY.

NOT 6 months from now and certainly NOT 5-10 years from now (a lot of the stuff I read talked about becoming a landlord and letting your property appreciate and then cashing out later.....geesh... I couldn't pay my bills with this strategy)

So how could I guy like me get started in real estate in my current situation.

With nothing but just a massive desire to break into this business

I still pinch myself to think that I was able to discover this strategy.

It's a simple strategy that allows ANYONE to make $5,000 to $15,000 in the next 30 days.

The great thing is that you ..

...NEVER have to use your own credit (great if you have crappy credit like me when i first started out)

... NEVER have own any properties (and all the problems that come with being a landlord and having a bunch of crappy tenants)

... NEVER have to put up any deposits or down payments (great since I did not have any money to buy houses like 99% of "regular" folks do)

... NEVER have to go out and get loans (with bad credit and not money it's hard to get a loan... especially after the housing bust!)

So what's this strategy that I stumbled on?

It's called WHOLESALING!

"Wholesaling" is simply finding a bargain priced property and placing it under contract and then quickly assigning the deal to another investor. (both the contract and assignment are simple "fill-in-the-blank" forms that you can use within minutes)

By assigning we just simply having another buyer take over the contract for our deal.

The new buyer is the one that closes on the property and takes all the risk.

There is NO RISK to you because you never actually put any money down on the property AND the documents you use COMPLETELY eliminated any risk to you.

You are simply the middleman that gets paid a fee for finding this deal.

You are a "real estate matchmaker".

The fees you can collect for wholesaling a deal can range anywhere from just a few thousand dollars to $5,000 to $15,000 or more for a single deal

It's perfect for anybody that is looking to take advantage of the housing market of 2010 WITHOUT any of the risk.

But something went wrong... I still
couldn't make money with real estate

Although I had found THE strategy that someone in my situation (with no money, credit, or experience) could use to become wealthy and financially free in real estate there was something lacking.

Let me explain...

I read and studied and figured out EXACTLY how to put a deal together using this system.

And then I was ready to finally make some money...

All the courses and systems I bought (I had to buy quite a few since many of them didn't give me the whole story) had some really great examples of marketing that I could send out to find these "under market" deals.

I remember being so excited printing out my letters and postcards knowing that my phone was going to ring off the hook with leads begging me to help take their problem property off their hands. (I even got my wife excited and she helped me hand address and prepare all the marketing)

I remember us spending an entire weekend in our bedroom, the floor completely covered with letters and postcards, us just sitting in bed putting everything together and knowing that this would be it.. we were going to finally make all the money we dreamed about.

I remember the first time I dropped off the mail (with all my fancy postcards that I just finished stamping and labeling)

Boy I was excited... I had so much that I could not fit it in the mailbox .. So I had to drop it off inside the post office.

I knew that it would take a few days for the mail to hit and then ...jackpot!

But then... after a few days I had gotten NO calls...nothing!

At first I thought maybe the mail was delayed (perhaps the post office had a lot of volume that week).

And then a few days turned into a week and with that came the dreaded realization...

That it just wasn't going to work... PERIOD.

I could not understand it ...

I did EVERTHING the gurus asked me to do.

I took all of their fancy marketing and "perfect" letters and did EXACTLY what they asked me to do .... and NOTHING.

My frustration turned to anger and then finally to despair... almost breaking out in tears.

I wondered (perhaps you've wondered the same thing)...

"Would I ever make the money that I've always dreamed about? Would I ever achieve the dream of being financially free, of having my own business, of providing for my family the lifestyle that they deserved?"

I thought about giving up for a split second BUT I knew that there had to be a way... somehow .. someway .. there was something missing.

And then Finally!... I figured out The
most important piece of the puzzle.

I very quickly figured out that there was one last piece that I was missing.

And it was THE MOST important piece of this entire puzzle.

No matter how great the strategy was and how much money it could generate for me IT DIDN'T MATTER.

Because unless I had deals (people that want to sell me their property at a discount) that I could work with then I would NEVER make any money.

Without powerful and effective marketing... investors will not get any deals... and without deals... investors have NO business.

It can't get any simpler than this.

If you do NOT have effective MARKETING SYSTEMS in place that are consistently getting you deals (and quickly selling those deals for you)... you WILL NOT succeed in this business.

Marketing is THE single most important success ingredient in real estate investing... PERIOD.

You see, I thought that all I had to do was understand all the techniques and strategies of doing deals. But that didn't matter because unless I had deals to work with then I wasn't going to make any money.

The "Magic" Little Postcard
that changed my life

I remember this like it was yesterday.

One night at 3am I threw all the marketing that I had accumulated all in the trash.

That was hard since I paid a bunch of money for these courses and now had nothing to show for it.

But none of the stuff worked so it didn't really matter.

I was going to put something on paper that no investor had ever done before.

Instead writing a postcard by copying what other investors were already doing I decided to write something that was so strange (and weird) that a seller of a house just could not ignore it.

It would tell them EXACTLY what no other investor ever told them (or would dare to say)

And I would say it in such a way that they would just have to drop everything and and pick up the phone to call me.

It only took me but 15 minutes to write this out (because I spoke from the gut without any fancy marketing mumbo jumbo) BUT once I was done I just knew that this was going to work.

It was my "magic postcard"

my life changed forever after that day

It's incredible the feeling you get when you finally arrive. When you get to that moment where you know that you've gotten to the top of the mountain victorious (you realize that all of the hard work and perseverance finally paid off)

Thinking what happened next brings chills to my spine.

To think that life could change so quickly ... that you can go from making NO MONEY to making MORE MONEY in a month than you've ever done in a year ...wow!

I took my tiny "magic postcard" and sent it out to the same group of people that didn't respond before.

I remember making THIS trip to the post office with a strange feeling... that my world had changed and that things would never be the same again.

And then I waited just a few days...

the money dam broke wide open ....

I couldn't believe it...

A few days later my email went nuts (every time someone left a message after receiving my postcard I got an email)

I can remember just refreshing my email every minute and seeing message after message after message....LEADS... and lots of them.

I couldn't believe it ...

Was this it? Did my lucky break finally come?

All the leads where all highly motivated and excited to speak with me.

Very quickly I stared utilizing the techniques for "wholesaling" that I had discovered and started to quickly put deals together.

It was amazing.. I went from making no money at all to making $5,000 and $20,000 a month. To 6 months later making a whopping $110,000 in ONE SINGLE MONTH.

Imagine that... making more money in one month than I ever made in a single year.

It wasn't just the postcard but discovering a system where I could find and flip properties anywhere in the country ... at will.... only needing my cell phone and a laptop.

Where systems (I call them robots) ran every facet of the business so that I could focus only on a few things ... the things that mattered and made me money ... leaving the extra time to do what I wanted with it.

finally ... the business and lifestyle
that i always dreamed about

I had always dreamed about having my own business because of the lifestyle that it would provide.

I always dreamed about ...

Finally my dream came true

It's so easy and lucrative most of my friends think i'm doing something illegal

It's a funny thing when I go to a dinner party.

They see the fancy car (when I pull up to the valet) and and inevitably ask me what I do.

Their curiosity quickly turns to amazement (and then confusion) when I tell them what I do and the lifestyle it affords me.

They actually think I'm doing something illegal (one of them even told me that he knew a good attorney in case when I finally got caught...amazing!)

Another person said I "should be careful" and that "the FBI is looking into that kind of stuff".

I could not help but laugh and yet was sad for them...

I don't blame them for thinking that way ..

Imagine if I told you that I was involved in real estate in 2010 (in the worst housing market of the century)

Imagine if I told you I was making huge sums of cash each and every month like clockwork and with very little work (since my systems do most of the work for me)

Imagine If I told you that I

...and that all I simply need is only a laptop (or any computer) and a phone to do the entire business (I usually work from starbucks).

The other day someone suggested that I was doing something illegal.

unfortunately, most people will NEVER know about this secret strategy... (But You will)

What I do is simply not spoken about by many investors.

It's not mentioned by any of those real estate gurus on TV.

Despite what you see or hear on TV or books, there is a secret strategy that is never spoken about (or taught) by others in books and tapes (and even expensive seminars). I only stumbled upon it by accident. (and now my life has been forever changed)

I understand why since it's such a powerful technique and the more people that know about this ... well.. it's obvious ... the more competition...

But I want to share my knowledge with you because I know how hard it is to make it out there in the real world.

I know how hard it is to find a legitimate business opportunity that can help you achieve your dreams of being financially free.

I really never intended to teach any of my techniques.

It started with a few close friends that saw the money I was making and asked if I could help them do the same...

Of course I said yes and helped the first one quit their full time job and finally realize their dreams of having a successful business (and having the financial freedom to do what they wanted.. when they wanted).

And finally realized that this was something that so many other people could benefit from.

I just couldn't keep it to myself any longer!

Greg Park Made $4,033.66 On His First Deal!


My breakthrough
real estate system

I created a system called "Virtual Wholesaling". (It's wholesaling taken to the 21st century).

You see, with Virtual Wholesaling you can do this business from anywhere in the world.

You can find deals in your own backyard or even a market that is a thousand miles away.

You use technology and systems to completely put your business in autopilot (and you don't have to be a web designer or a "tech" person).

Instead of having employees and overhead you use simple tools and systems to have your business running and working for you even while you are doing something else (like on vacation, playing with your kids, or just relaxing)

The great thing is that you don't need to be a computer expert. In fact if you can read your email and browse the web then you have all the skills you need to be successful.

I'm going to break down my system into three easy to implement systems that help you become a highly paid "real estate matchmaker"

Three simple systems that can put
an extra $5,000 to $15,000 or more in cash
in the next 30 to 60 days
(and every single month after that)

System # 1 - "Automated Deal getting system"

One of the biggest problems that real estate investors have is that they learn the technical part of the business but are missing THE most important piece of the puzzle ... LEADS.

You may know 100 different ways to slice and dice a deal BUT you are not going to be collecting any checks unless you have motivated sellers and buyers to work with.

What I did was completely solve the problem that most real estate investors have .. both new and experienced ... getting LOTS OF MOTIVATED SELLER AND BUYER LEADS.

You see when I was struggling that was EXACTLY my problem. I got a bunch of courses that taught me the mechanics of real estate investing but did not have any leads.

I was going broke fast.

So through a bunch of trial and error (and a bit of luck and fortune) I stumbled upon a unique way to generate seller and buyer leads.

This unique method was directly responsible for me making more money in one month that I ever made in a year (and finally quitting my job).

I was now able to generate 100's of motivated seller and buyer leads in any part of the country.

On top of that I was able to completely eliminate a lot of the grunt work and the manual labor involved with sifting and sorting through all those leads.

Don't get me wrong. It's great having all those leads wanting to speak with you but getting on the phone and speaking with hundreds of people in a week is not my idea of a good time.

What I did is set up a simple system where the leads never talk to me directly. They automatically go through a process where they have to prove they are worthy of speaking directly with me.

And even after all that I NEVER personally meet them in person or inspect any of the properties.

it all starts with my secret weapon

This is so simple I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I stumbled upon it (in life you only get a few breaks and this one of them for me).

My secret weapon is a very special, inexpensive, and personalized postcard.

Yes, a postcard!

This is the actual postcard that postcard that you will be using to magnetically attract highly motivated sellers in your own backyard or any market in the USA

It's amazing to think that a simple little postcard could be so powerful. (I can't show you exactly what the postcard says.. that's reserved for my students.. but I'll show you how you can get your hands on my secret weapon in just a few minutes)

This simple yet powerful postcard consistently gets response rates of over 8% (Now if you know anything about direct mail marketing you will immediately realize that that this response rate is unheard of. )

Most direct mail marketers get anywhere from 1-3% response rate on any marketing piece.... and your typical real estate investor marketing gets even less. So to have this type of response is absolutely insane!

Why does my postcard work so well?

Well for starters it looks COMPLETELY different than anything these sellers have ever gotten in the mail (it's very likely that they are not getting anything at all! ... this is because most real estate investors either never use direct mail to find seller or simply do it completely wrong and just think that it doesn't work. That's great news to us since that leaves us with absolutely no competition)

The fact is that I have eight of these postcards that completely outperform any other marketing that is currently being used by real estate investors.

I've done all the hard work
of testing this for you

How did I discover these postcards?

Well it wasn't easy. I spent A LOT of time and money to figure this out.

You see in direct mail you only know what works by testing and unfortunately that means spending money. AND as a beginning real estate matchmaker you may be in a position where you don't have a lot of money to get started with.

That's the great thing... I have done all the testing for you!

I have mailed out over 545,326 postcards in the last few years perfecting this system. (So you don't have to worry about testing and trying something that is completely unproven.)

I've figured out what works and so you all you have to do is take my system and start implementing with absolutely NO GUESSWORK.

Just imagine..... simply mailing a postcard.. the absolutely cheapest form of marketing there is ...and then just a few days later having hundreds of motivated sellers begging you to take their property off their hands

Find Real Estate deals
nOBODY else knows about

The other reason this system works so well is that we are targeting homeowners that investors are completely ignoring.

Most investors are chasing after tough sellers and tougher deals.

They are calling For Sale By Owners, Realtors, people in foreclosure, bank owned properties, etc.

Here's the problem with this .. its one word ... "chasing".

Frankly, chasing people down sounds like a lot of work AND I'm pretty sure there is a lot of rejection when you are chasing people that are just as quickly trying to run away from you.

I kinda feel sad for the investors that are using these old school tactics to find deals since this is what all those washed up gurus are telling them to do.. the ones that haven't done any real estate since the oil crisis in the 70's.

And here is the other thing about "chasing" people down... when you finally catch them.. you have to "sell them".

I know ... sorry for saying that ugly four letter word.

Nobody wants to "sell".

Neither did I when I first started... but that's exactly what happens when you deal with the old school methods being taught out there. You have to constantly be selling people and trying to convince them to do business with you by using some fancy ninja sales technique.


With my method there is no "chasing" or "selling".

What we are doing is magnetically attracting sellers that WANT to speak with us and ARE HAPPY that when we finally do call them back (that's if we call them back.. but I'll get to that in a minute).

So think about this ...

We are working with sellers that NOBODY else knows about (so we have them all to ourselves).

They are happy to hear from us and excited to have the opportunity to work with us.

And they know that for us to "buy" (I use the word "buy" loosely since we are never really buying their property.. that's way too risky) their property they need to give us a nice fat discount.


Why would anybody go back to those old school methods?

everything is done 100% online -
with absolutely no manual labor
(No printing or messing with stamps)

Now it gets even better....

I don't slave over my computer printer with all kinds of fancy paper trying to print out postcards to then cut them up into squares so I could mail them. Or spend all day and night putting stamps on them to finally have schlep over to the post office to stuff them in the mailbox.

That is way too much work!

The great thing is that I never physically print anything at home. That's right .. zip ..zero.. nada!

How is this possible?

Easy. I've figured out a very simple system where I create my entire postcard and mailing campaign 100% online. Nothing complicated.

In fact, if you can read your email then you can do this ... and the whole process takes less than 1 hour.

And then with a few clicks of the mouse button I hit the send button and the postcards are off to being printed, stamped and delivered by someone other than me.

And get this ... the entire thing gets done for less than it would have cost me to do it physically using my computer and buying the stamps and doing it all manually.

The great thing is that I can also do this entire process from anywhere.

I can be at Starbucks sipping my latte and all the while working on my marketing without ever having to lift a finger other than a few keystrokes on my laptop.

You NEVER have to talk to anyone

So you might have been thinking... Cris, I love that you have all the sellers calling in and wanting to sell their house at a discount... but... that seems like a lot of work talking to all those people.

Yep.. you are 100% right. If you had to talk to all those people then it would be a lot of work.

Most real estate investors make the mistake of talking to every seller that calls them. BIG MISTAKE. The problem with this is that they are wasting their time with 90% of the people that call them (and letting the good leads slip through the cracks).

With my system you only speak to the most highly qualified sellers that have already been prescreened and predisposed to working with you.

That means that by the time they speak with you they are salivating at the fact that you can help them by taking that problem property off their hands.

More importantly you have 100% control of your time since you are never answering the phone ... you are only returning the calls of the most highly qualified leads that have called.

How my "Automated Deal Getting System"
Works for you*...

(it's almost as if you had a room of robots that did everything for you 100% right every time.. never complaining.. never needing any salary, employee benefits, vacation or sick days... and no supervision!)

So now that we have access to all the motivated seller leads that we can handle lets go to our 2nd system...

System #2 - Investor-Buyer attraction system

So this is the second system for Virtual Wholesaling.. it helps you by helping you gather a list of the most hungry and motivated investor buyers in any area of the country (you can do this in your own backyard or thousands of miles away).

The requirements for operating this system are simple...

If you can click on your mouse, send an e-mail to a friend then you have all the computer skills that you need!

My "Investor-Buyer Attraction System" lines up "investor buyers" that are begging you to sell them the discounted properties you find with System # 1 (My "Automated Deal Getting System")

So what are investor buyers?

Investor buyers are NOT retail buyers. By that I mean they are not looking to buy a property to live in and call their home.

They are actively looking to buy properties that they can either buy, fix and sell (rehabbers) or buy the property to keep as a rental property (landlords).

They are constantly looking for great deals.

In fact, in every part of the country right now there are more investors available and looking for deals than there are properties.

There are hundreds and sometimes thousands of these investor buyers in every part of the country.

But the great new is that you don't need even just a few hundred for you to successfully implement my system. All you need is just a handful of them that will consistently want to work with you and have access to your deals each and every month.

My #1 Secret source of buyers REVEALED!

These buyers are easy to find but most real estate investors are completely clueless on how to find them.

You see... most investors waste their time with the old school tactics taught by the gurus. They put out bandit signs (those dinky signs that you see all over town with the wooden stakes), spend big money on very small classified ads, and pass out business cards and flyers.

That stuff doesn't work, costs a lot of money , and takes a bunch of time and manual labor.

What I have done is figured out EXACTLY what the absolutely best source of buyers ... the real buyers not the tire kickers.

The absolutely best source
of investor buyers Revealed!

Don't dismiss what I am about to reveal to you because of its simplicity.

Having a steady stream of ready, willing, and able buyers for the deals you find is like the fuel to your car.

You can have a fancy Ferrari but if you don't have any gas then you are not getting anywhere... period.

The best source of buyers for your deals is..

"Investors that have recently purchased a property in the same zip code or neighborhood as the deals you have from sellers"

Think about this for a second....

Let's say that you have a house at 123 Main Street in zip code "33311" that you now control as a result of your seller marketing.

What if you had a list of 20 buyers that in the last 30-60 days that recently purchased a property just like the one that you have in your hands right now.

And that those buyers were actively looking to buy a few more deals just like the one that you have right now.

How likely is it that you could successfully offload that property to one of your buyers?

EXACTLY! (it's like selling ice in the desert... everybody wants to buy!)

Those buyers are your ticket to making $5,000 to $15,000 in the next 30 to 60 days.

my secret weapon # 2

So how do we find these buyers so that we can easily offer them our deals?

This list is available 100% online and you can have in your hands on it in as little as just a few minutes. (Virtual Wholesaling Members get access to my only two recommended resources where you can get this list for pennies.. and also absolutely FREE)

Once we have this list then we will use my "Secret Weapon # 2" .. another simple little postcard just like the one that I use for my sellers.

The difference is that this time along with having a phone number on the card there's also a website address on the postcard.

I encourage my the buyers to go to a simple website that automatically captures their names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

This way the next time I have a property for sale I can just easily email them the information.

The best part is that this is also 100% automated.

I never personally speak with any of the buyers UNTIL I have a property for sale. Only then do I have any communication with them.

How my Investor-Buyer
attraction system works

Notice that I just helped you build THE MOST valuable asset in your real estate business. It's like having a machine that prints money for you on demand.

The minute you find the right deal - you email your list with the details and just simply wait for the first investor to call you back and let you know they'll take it!

You did NO newspaper advertising, used NO yard signs, NEVER talked to any unqualified tire kickers, and NEVER had to do any hard selling.

system #3 - real estate matchmaker system

Once you have my two systems in place it's like as if you created a magnet that only attracts money. That's because you have BOTH hungry investor buyers looking for deals AND motivated sellers that want nothing more than to get rid of their problem property.

So here is where the fun really begins ....because this is where you have a chance to make checks of $5,000 to $15,000 for only but a few hours worth of work.

I want to be clear on a few things ...

First ... You never ever ... EVER buy and take ownership of any properties when using my system. You simply take "control" of them so that you can be a "matchmaker"

By taking control I mean you are simply using a very simple one page agreement (you'll get this in your members area) that states the price and terms the seller is willing to sell you their property for.

You'll have a few weeks to work with your investor-buyers to see if the property is what they are looking for.

If for any reason it looks like the you are not going to be able to have one of your investor buyers take over the deal then you just simply cancel the "agreement" with the owner and move on to the next deal.

It's like a "No-Risk" casino

I love going to Vegas

Love the food and the fun BUT there is one thing I don't do in Vegas... and that is gamble!


Because I don't like to lose. And when you gamble in Vegas the only sure thing is that you are going to lose money.

I never like to gamble in Vegas simply because the ONLY guarantee is that you'll lose money. With My system it's the opposite of Vegas... you simply cannot lose!

But imagine this scenario ...

You just got an invitation to a brand new casino in Vegas. And the odds are a little different than the rest of them.

Let's say you placed a bet at the roulette table (you bet on black).

The spin the wheel and guess what? RED. Typically you just lost your money. But the casino said ... "Wait... don't worry .. keep the money on the table ..and just spin again"

So you spun the wheel again and guess what? BLACK! You won! And the casino paid you 10 times what you bet....


Think about this .. when you lost .. the casino didn't take your chips.. so you NEVER lost any money (even though you took a chance). But if you won .. then the casino paid you 10 times what you bet?


How many times would you want to bet at this casino???

It's a no brainer if you ask me.

I'd want to be there all day long .. You CANT lose and when you win ... you win BIG.

Well those are the odds when you are the "Real Estate Matchmaker". You have the chance to make huge checks but you ...

Let me break the whole process down for you ...

Here is how
a typical deal works

Lets say that you mail 1,000 of the my "secret weapon" postcards. Based on nationwide averages you will receive approximately 80 phone calls from highly motivated sellers.

The sellers never personally speak with you ... they are calling in to your system and automatically being sifted and sorted so that you only deal with the most motivated of the bunch.

While all this is happening automatically you can be doing anything ... doing other deals.. hanging out with your family .. or just plain loafing off.

You sort thru the messages and then decide which ones you are going to work with first.

These sellers are happy to speak with you and excited that you have reached out to them about selling their property.

One of the houses that you found from this mailing is worth $150,000.

When on the phone with the seller you simply use my "Seller Call Sheet" included with your Virtual Wholesaling membership and you are now able to get this house (worth $150,000) for only $75,000.

Remember, you are not buying this house...simply you are securing the deal using my "No Risk" and simple one page agreement with the seller.

You are doing this WITHOUT any money or credit, and with absolutely NO RISK to you.

You can quickly have one of your investor buyers simple "take over" the deal.

They will gladly pay you $85,000 CASH for the property ...since it's such a great deal.... and use THEIR money to close on it.. many times in as little as 7 days.

So you simply "assign" the contract to them...thus they take over the deal .... close on it with THEIR money .. and pay you the difference.

Soooo... to make sure we are on the same page...

You "secured" the the property for $75,000 (without ever taking a penny or nickel our of your pocket) and then quickly placed it with an investor-buyer for $85,000...

What just happened?

My System Just made you
$10,000 in under 7 days!

Are you happy ... sure you are .. but guess what? Everybody else is too!

Your investor-buyer is very happy since once he makes some minor repairs to the property he's got a $150,000 house that he can sell for a HUGE profit... or even sell at discount and still make good money (some of your buyers like the properties you bring them so much they actually keep them as rental properties because the cash flow so nicely)

Your original seller is very happy since they just got rid of a "problem" property (most of the time the house was vacant or they had problem tenants living there ..or perhaps inherited the property and wanted nothing to do with it)

And last but not least .. you my friend are jumping for joy ..

You just made $10,000 without really having to work for it!

You did NOT have any holding costs, NO rehab costs, NO tenant worries, NO money out of pocket.. nothing!

You also NEVER personally met with the seller or buyer.. NEVER personally inspected the property.. NEVER attended the closing...wow!

My system did most of the work for you .. and you received a check for $10,000 with the entire process taking less than 30 days!

You can do From Anywhere...
Even when you are not working!

Once you have my system up and running you can do this anywhere! The pool.. the local coffee shop... (Next month I'm heading to California for a week... and still be able to run my business)

The absolutely best part is that you NEVER have to personally meet with anybody.

You don't even need an office.

You can work from home, the coffee shop.... anywhere.

You can even take a trip accross the country and simply just bring your laptop and cell phone and you can run your business in the morning and relax and see the sights in the afternoon

It's the true "internet lifestyle" business.

Michael Mason Made $18,000 In One Deal!

Why i decided to teach and help others.

Virtual Wholesaling is a powerhouse of systems and priceless knowledge that will dramatically cut down the learning curve and give you the business you've always dreamed about.

I can't tell you how excited I am to bring this cutting-edge technology and systems to you (that are extremely easy to set up to start making you money)

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to teach others exactly what I do to make money in real estate

But before I would feel comfortable in teaching others I knew that the final system would have to meet certain criteria

Finally after all of these criteria were met did i finally decide to release my system to the public and teach others how to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity of real estate investing.

Finally, A legitimate opportunity to make money with a proven and time tested method
(With Absolutely perfect timing for 2010)

It's important to note that this IS NOT one of those "motivational" programs designed to "pump you up"...

While I AM a fan of those types of programs... I've found that most don't produce the results that most people want... the result I'm talking about is CASH. The kind of cash that helps you pay your bills, pay off your credit card debt, take vacations, etc.

Most importantly .... no other program out there teaches my specific methodology (there are imitators of course so you have to be careful ... I am the ORIGINAL creator of Virtual Wholesaling).

This program is based on real world results and implementation.

It's the exact methodology I use in my existing business as well as many other students have used and are currently using in their real estate businesses.

If you are struggling to find a legitimate business opportunity that you can finally put 100% of your effort into... knowing that it works... and that YOU can do it then this is the program for you.

If you're already on the path to success and just need a little boost... my system will blast you up a level you may not even considered was possible.... by quickly helping you transform your existing real estate business and help you make more money FASTER and with LESS EFFORT than you ever thought possible.

But don't get me wrong... this program is NOT for everybody...

$44,575 in One Month
By Alex Joungblood
Using my simple system

how can you know if
this program is for you?

If you have a real business that is producing you income consistently month in and month out, you might not need it.

If you have enough money every month to pay of your bills and afford to drive the car you want and vacation anytime you want to, you might not need it.

If you are a current real estate investor and you have all the leads and business you could handle and your entire business is up and running and fully automated, you might not need it.

On the other hand you may be at a point in your life where you want or NEED to make a change in your life right now.

Read through the list below... and if you find that you have experienced ANY ONE of these problems, I highly recommend you join this program now.

However.... if while reading through this list you realize that you have experienced more than one of these problems .... you need to join this program immediately:

The bottom line is this:

I don't need to tell you whether or not you need the information that is in this program. If you need it, you already know it.

There is a very good chance that this program contains THE KEY you need to have the success with money and wealth you want. And I want you to have it...

Why This Program Is Very Different From
Everything Else Out There

Before you decide whether or not this program is for you ... I want to tell you why it's different from everything else that's ever been created on this topic.

Reason #1: It's the first time that real estate investing has been taught in a way that ANYBODY can make the it work for them REGARDLESS of your experience (even if you are a complete rookie) and WITHOUT having to use your own money, credit or have any liability whatsoever.

Sure there are a lot of "real estate investing" programs and systems out there. But NONE of them have been designed with the single purpose of helping someone like you get started without absolutely no experience to doing your first few deals and finally setting up a true home based business that consistently makes you money every single month.

I have spent years in the trenches making this exact system for me.

I have put a massive amount of time and energy into creating a program that will help you become the success you've always dreamed about. To help you finally make the money you've always dreamed and have the lifestyle that you and your family deserve.

I personally guarantee that you will not find anything else available that is even CLOSE to this program.

In a few minutes, I'm going to back up this guarantee and make you an offer you'd be crazy to refuse.

Reason #2: This program was created by someone just LIKE YOU. Someone that struggled to make many other programs work and wants to help you avoid all the pitfalls that most beginners make.

Remember that I've been where you are right now.

I have been completely broke and frustrated at working so hard and not getting any results.

Angry and upset at being constantly being reminded about the lack of money in my life. Reminded every time I went shopping for new clothes, a car, and even a place to live.

Having to always settle for second choice food and second choice restaurants and always wondering and hoping that I had money available to fill up my gas tank at the pump.

I committed myself to making sure that I did EVERTHING in my power to give you a REAL chance of success. A real opportunity at the American dream.

Reason #3: This program is a condensed, high-impact, "Nothing left out" when it comes to making money in real estate in the current housing market.

One of the most frustrating things I encountered when trying to become a successful real estate investor was the lack of complete training.

When I joined a program or ordered a course I was expecting to get EVERYTHING I needed to succeed to be be included.

What I got instead was just enough information so that I realized that what I got wasn't 100% complete and instead had to go out and spend more money (money that I didn't have)

My commitment and guarantee is that there is NOTHING LEFT OUT.

This system includes EVERYTHING that you need to become a successful real estate investor and start doing deals right away.

All the step by step tutorials, forms, contracts and agreements... every single thing you need to be successful is in there. GUARANTEED.

Reason #4: This is a VISUAL model, which means that you'll learn faster and retain more than with any other program.

One of the things that makes real estate investing (or learning how to be successful in any business) is that most teachers teach with WORDS ONLY.

When you join Virtual Wholesaling and see all of the step by step video tutorials you'll instantly realize that it's easier to learn ... and easier to apply .. because the entire system is VISUAL.

Every concept and every technique is explained with step by step video tutorials.

It's as if I was sitting there right next to you going over how to do everything.

This one fact makes the information you're going to learn in this program MANY TIMES more valuable than any other system.

If you like to learn by SEEING how things work, then this program is going to be a MIRACLE for you.

Reason #5: This program is INTERACTIVE... it teaches you exactly what to do at every step of the way and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers and input you need to make things work for you.

Most real estate investing programs (or any make money program) are passive and "one way" teaching methods.

You get a bunch of materials to study and learn from but what if you have a question?

Usually the answer is that you have to join some expensive coaching program or pay more money (on top of what you already paid) to get just a simple answers.

And many times it's the simple questions that hold people from making progress and getting something done.

I mean, have you ever had a time where you were trying to do something and you got stuck... (you had 98% of everything done but that one little thing stopped the entire project) Everything was at a standstill until you got that one little question or got that one clarification about how to do something.

That WONT happen here.. with me!

Bottom line is that you are going to get EVERYTHING you need to become a successful "Virtual Wholesaler" AND also the support and hand holding you need to overcome any obstacles or pitfalls along the way.

Reason #6: This program is designed for SPEED. It's put together so that you not only know EXACTLY what to do every step of the way but to also be up and running as quickly as possible. This is not a "make money in 6-12 months. This is a make money as fast as humanly possible.

Real estate is absolutely the most tried and tested method for becoming financially free.

There are more millions and millionaires (and billionaires) made from real estate than any other type of business or opportunity.

But there is a huge problem with the way most gurus teach real estate investing.

They teach the "get rich slow" method.

Typically it's buy a bunch of rental property (using your own credit, getting loans, and taking on a bunch of risk) and then hold on to them for a very long time so that you can build up a bunch of equity and be worth a lot of money.

The problem is that "equity" does not pay the bills. Last time I heard you could not use your equity to pay for your groceries or fill up your car with gas.

That's the major flaw in how most other gurus teach you about getting real in real estate investing.

I show you how to make $5,000 to $15,000 or more in the next 30 to 60 days.

Not one year from now ..... I teach you how to make money IMMEDIATELY.

Money that you can use to pay your bills, buy cars and houses with, pay for that great family vacation that you've always wanted to have.

Once you get going and you've built up a steady income of $5,000 to $15,000 per month then you can focus on building up some long term wealth.

But for now, I'm going to teach you in my system how to make cash quickly and with very little risk

Reason #7: This program is designed to work in the current housing market of 2010. The information and techniques taught in this program are the most CUTTING EDGE techniques available to anyone looking to use real estate as a vehicle to achieve their goals of financial freedom.

Unfortunately, most of the real estate training out there is old and dated.

I'm not talking about being 5 year old stuff (there are some courses out there being sold that the copyright date is over a decade ago). I'm talking about courses that are just 1 year old that now are completely outdated.

I don't have to tell you that the housing market has changed dramatically over the last few years... heck .. the housing market changes every 6 months nowadays.

Because of that, you need to have the most up to date, the most cutting edge, and the most effective information for today's real estate market.

My system worked for me before the housing bubble and works even better now in the worst housing market of the country. It has to be because I still use it every single day in my personal real estate business.

And my system is continually updated.

That's the great thing about my system. As soon as something changes and needs to be updated you get the most current information immediately.

No other course or system currently on the market offers this.

Take the first step toward financial freedom by becoming a member of Virtual Wholesaling

It took me years of learning,testing, and hard work to figure this real estate game out ... and to figure out how to make my dreams of becoming financially free a reality.

In all, I probably spent years of my life, and thousands and thousands (and thousands and thousands) of dollars.

I want to cut the learning curve for you and help you avoid the mistakes and the need to waste the money I did on poor and ineffective training.

I'm very proud of this program... because it's going to allow you to accomplish the things you need to do MUCH FASTER that I was able to do... and at a much,much smaller investment.

I want to help you get the financial part of your life handled, and I don't want ANYTHING to stand in your way... including your financial situation.

Here is what I did..

I took each of the individual systems that I described above and expanded on them and laid them out in 12 easy to follow step by step modules.

These modules lay out everything in a step fashion.

They include checklists and video tutorials that show you what to do at every step of the way.

You'll be amazed at how you'll move like lightning through the modules: From "no clue at all" to "this is easy" in just a few short hours... and then on to through "impress all of your friends to the point you scare them", straight to "ready to begin cashing huge checks" (You'll be making money faster than the rest of the rookies stuck in the mud trying to figure out this real estate game)

There is ways too much stuff that I cover to realistically list it all here but I'm going to do my best to tell you everything inside the members area

Here is the training that
you have access to

I want to be sure that you understand ONE thing..

Every process, every step, every single thing you have to do is laid out in a complete step by step manner with very detailed video tutorials.

Imagine if you could have me right there sitting next to you ... and you could see everything I do ... as I do it....

It's exactly like that .. BUT BETTER.

Because in real life you can't pause and rewind but with my system you can .. because it's all video based training.

Try Virtual Wholesaling Today and
you'll get the following bonuses!

I want to give you the best chance of success with my system.

When you take action today I'm going to also include the following with your membership.

Bonus #1

You are going to get immediate access to my last ever 4 day boot camp where myself and my team went over every part of the Virtual Wholesaling system. This is a "live" and unedited training where nothing is held back.

Attendees originally paid $2,000 to attend this live "sold out" event and the recordings have been sold for $997. But you will have immediate access to them at no additional cost to you

These videos will help you implement the Virtual Wholesaling system even faster.

You can view the videos online or download them to your computer. If you wish, you can also download the mp3 (audio) files so that you can listen to them on your mp3 player, car stereo, iPhone, etc

Bonus #2

Having a website is one of the critical component of the Virtual Wholesaling system.

I do give you the templates and resources where you can have this website built for you by a web designer. But I also realize that this is one more thing that you have to handle to have my system up and running and making money for you.

So to make things as easy as possible I have decided to have my team personally build your buyer's website for you according to my exact specifications.

They will also load up the all of the "automatic" emails that your buyers will receive once they are added to your database.

These "automatic" messages are sent to any new buyer that is added to your list. Every few days they will get an email message communicating with them and bonding them so that they want to work with you when you have your next deal for them.

We normally charge $397 for setting this up. All you have to do is simply pay the small monthly hosting fee of $27.00 per month.

Bonus # 3

One of the great things about this business is that the paperwork is very simple. (There are only two forms that you need to do your first deal.)

But you also have to make sure that the paperwork that you use has specific language in there to protect you and make sure that nothing goes wrong (so that you don't have any liability or have the possibility of losing any money)

I have spent thousands of dollars in attorney fees (and also made a ton of mistakes) to come up with the perfect documents for my real estate investing business.

I'm going to save you the expense and cost of having to do this yourself by giving you all of my forms and documents for you to start using right away.

You'll have my "risk free" contract that allows you to "tie up" a property so that you can have one of your investor buyers take over the deal.

You'll also have my "bullet proof" assignment of contract as well. This the form that you'll have your buyer fill out that allows him to take over your deal and guarantees that you get paid handsomely for it.

I even have step by step video tutorials that explain EXACTLY how to fill out the forms to make sure that you don't make any mistakes (it's as if you were sitting right there over my shoulder listening to me explain everything)

Bonus # 4

One of the secrets of making money without doing any work is quite simple.... Have someone else do the work for you.

One of the more complex and critical parts of the whole process of getting deals and making sure you get paid is the closing process.

Once you put a deal together as a "real estate matchmaker" you have to make sure that all goes well so that you can get to the closing table and get paid.

But if you are starting out brand new to this, you may not know exactly what to do to make sure that your deal closes.

Well I've solved this for you by giving you access to my own personal transaction coordinator. She'll make sure that your deal closes and nothing goes wrong and will actually coach you and train you along the way. (there are a lot of things that can go wrong to prevent you from collecting your check)

It's almost as if you had your own personal closing coach.

Bonus # 5

I know that despite how complete my training (or any training for that matter) is that you are bound to have some questions.

Usually it's the little questions that stop people from continuing to make progress and be successful with any program.

The problem is that with most (if not all) programs you have to pay extra money to get any sort of personal question answered. And when I say "extra" it's usually upwards of $5,000 to $10,000 or more since you have to sign up for some year long personal coaching or mentorship program.

I realize that when you're starting out you may not have the money (or desire) to start out having to pay such large amounts of money just to have a few questions answered.

When you join Virtual Wholesaling you'll gain access to our private "members only" forum. Here you'll be able to get any and all of your questions answered about anything.

I personally answer questions here.... so no "2nd rate" coach that has never done these types of deals before will be answering your questions.

In addition, some of my most successful students participate and interact in the forum so you'll likely get multiple responses to your questions.

Bottom line is that not matter the situation or circumstances you'll be able to get answers to the questions you need to be successful with my system.

Bonus # 6

Each month I hold a special "closed door" training session on different topics.

I cover additional lead generation strategies, mindset and success principles, time management, and much more.

Each of these training sessions is made available in a special "password protected" members area where you can watch them online at your convenience or simply download them to your computer.

Many pay $97.00 per month just for this training alone but I'm going to include this with your membership in Virtual Wholesaling.

The total value of all these
bonuses is $3,977!

here's how to
join virtual wholesaling

I know that my program is going to change my life for ever.

I know that it's going to help you finally have the money and the lifestyle you've always dreamed about

I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to make money in real estate.

I want to help you avoid all this trial and error and give you a shortcut to success.

So you have TWO OPTIONS on becoming a member of Virtual Wholesaling.

Option #1 - You can become a member of Virtual Wholesaling by paying the one-time initiation fee of $397. This gives you access to all of the core training materials and everything else that I described above.

Then after your first 30 days, your membership is only $97 per month. You can cancel your membership at ANY time. I doubt that will happen because once you experience the level of training and support you'll realize to get this type of help elsewhere you'd have to pay hundreds if not thousands per month.

Every month you'll have access to the most up to date training in real estate, extra training calls and materials, and be able to get all of your questions answered (to make sure you re-coup your investment in the program as soon as possible)

I will even reimburse your $397 initiation fee IN FULL as soon as you close your first deal (in exchange for a testimonial of your success with proof of your deal and your story of how you made it happen). That's right... I will give you your initiation fee back, when you close your first deal and send me a testimonial

So if you want to join using Option #1 then click on the button below

Option # 2 - If you are really serious about your success ... and you like SAVING money! ... you can pre-pay a full year of the membership to Virtual Wholesaling today... and I will waive the $397 initiation fee plus give you TWO additional months for FREE. That's a total SAVINGS of $591.00! (You save the $397 initiation fee plus 2 months at $97 = $591 of total savings)

That means that you only pay $970 to become a member today.

And on top of the savings, when you close your first deal, I'll still give you back your initiation fee of $397 (when you send me a copy of the check and a testimonial). So that means that your savings will be even bigger!

So to take advantage of option # 2 then click on the button below

Regardless of the option you choose you will get a access to all the materials and systems within a matter of minutes. That means that you can start right away in implementing my system and making it work for you.

Please note that this is 100% digitally delivered product. It's a membership site that you get immediate access to. So there is nothing that is going to be physically shipped to you.

I know where you're at right now.. because I've been there too.

Everything sounds real good but you just are not sure.. after all we have not had a chance to work together yet... we just met.

To make it easier for your I want to share with you my 100% satisfaction guarantee

My Double security

Guarantee # 1

30 day Unconditional
Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 30 day unconditional Money-Back guarantee.

Join Virtual Wholesaling right now and try it for 30 days

You'll gain access to EVERTHING I've outlined above so you can "kick the tires" and make sure it's right for you.

If you are not thrilled with your membership for ANY reason, within 30 days, you can call my customer service department at 1-(800)-779-8039 ext 709 and and let us know and you will get a complete 100% refund of any monies that you've paid.

No funny business. No having to send anything back.

Guarantee # 2

make Money or
I'll give you Double your
money back in 6 months

You are also protected by my conditional "Double your money back in 6 months guarantee"

If you implement what I teach and give you ... there is no reason why you would not be able to make money with my system. NO REASON.

If you don't make money with my system then just simply send me a note describing the details of your use and failure with the systems and I will refund you DOUBLE your initiation fee. (this applies regardless of which payment option you choose)

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The "Magic Moment"

It's magic because you'll see exciting changes happening in your life, but you won't believe it. At the moment it happens....

The moment you get your first check.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I had tried so many other things before and just could not get them to work. I most even gave up thinking that getting a "job" was the only way to make money.

I remember doing my first deal and getting a call from the title company letting me know that I could pick up my check.

I walked in to the title company and having them hand me an envelope made out to me. I hurried to the car and then opened it ... looking at the huge five figure check in my hands.

I could not believe it .. finally .. I made it.

My life was changed forever that day.. it was real.. and I made it happen.

I knew that I no longer had to worry about money. I didn't have to deal with a crappy job I didn't like.

I knew that my financial future was completely in my hands. The house I always wanted, the car I always dreamed about driving, the lifestyle that I envied of others.

I did it.. Finally! ... And so can you!

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The bottom line

If you do nothing then 30 days from now you'll be in the same exact financial position you are in right now.

Or you can "try" my system and discover how to build wealth and income using a time tested and proven vehicle ... Real Estate!

If you don't join you'll avoid paying the $397 initiation fee and go about your "normal" life ..nothing new. But in 6 months when you look back you'll realize that the $397 didn't make a difference in your life.

You'll probably have spent it on a bunch of stuff that in the end made no difference for you in your life or your income.

So in six months from now ...

Your life 6 months from now can be COMPLETELY different than where you are today ... the decision lies in your hands.



Cris Chico, Founder and Creator of "Virtual Wholesaling

P.S. Remember that real estate is a time tested and proven method of creating wealth. What I've done here is given you the absolutely best opportunity to get involved in this real estate market... with wholesaling.

There is no better time and no better way to get involved with real estate right now (especially in the market of 2010)

It's also the perfect home business because you can do it from anywhere in the world. All you need is simply a phone and an internet connection (personally I choose to work with only my cell phone and a laptop since I'm always traveling so much).

Remember that you NEVER have to personally inspect any properties, NEVER have to put up any down payments or deposits, NEVER have to personally meet with any seller or buyer, you DON'T NEED credit since you never have to take out any bank loans.

Perhaps you are looking to quit your job and have a business of your own. Maybe you just want an additional source of income so that you can save for retirement. Or you just want a better lifestyle. (To be able to buy any car or home you want, to take the vacations you want...and deserve... with your family.)

I have put together the most comprehensive and complete system on the planet for doing this business

Nobody else can teach you these strategies like I can (I created the concept of Virtual Wholesaling). And nobody (and I mean nobody) is going to give you the support and hand holding you need that is going to guarantee your success

P.S. # 2 How can this be "real"?

I know it's hard to believe (remember that I've been where you have been... wondering and questioning everything).

But the power of my system comes from FIVE SECRETS.

First, I have discovered a type of homeowner who exists in large and increasing numbers that have a home that they want (and need) to take off their hands.... my most prized piece of information.

These are property owners that have inherited the property, have problem tenants, have the home sitting empty, or simply have a home that is causing them problems (they have a huge headache and they need someone to help it go away)

Second, I have perfected my secret postcard ( my mailing myself hundreds of thousands of them and spending my own hard earned money) and figured out exactly what to say to get these sellers to raise their hands and identify themselves in any market of the country. My postcards bring you these sellers easily and quickly

Third, I have perfected a completely automated method of sifting, sorting and prescreening these sellers for you so that when you finally speak with them they are happy to talk to you and ready and willing to do a deal with you ( all done completely over the phone so there is no face to face selling involved).

You can do these deals in your own backyard or anywhere in the country for that matter (regardless of where you are located... even while sitting at your local coffee shop)

Fourth, I have pioneered and perfect another method of finding and organizing the absolutely best investors in any market in the country that are anxiously looking for really great real estate deals (just like the ones that I've just taught you to find)

Finally.. Fifth, you are now in the most unique position to collect a very nice fee for being that "real estate matchmaker"

Think about it. The whole entire process makes perfect and logical sense. You are finding two sets of people that both have a need and desire. And you are helping each get what they want and making a handsome profit for your efforts.

P.S. #3 - I know that I've covered a lot here in this letter. You may be on the fence and I don't blame you ... after all we just met and now I'm asking you to trust everything I say.

Remember that everything that I've laid out here is completely guaranteed.

You have 30 days to kick the tires and go through all the materials. If after all that you decide that this is not for you ...no problem.... just simply call our customer service department at 1-(800)-779-8039 ext 709 and we will promptly give you a 100% of your money back (you don't even have to return anything back to us)

You also have my "Guaranteed To Make Money" guarantee. Try the system out for 6 months and implement the entire system. If you are still not able to make any money with my system then just simply send me a note detailing what you did and where the system failed you and I will give you double your initiation fee.

Once you join you'll get immediate access to the materials so you can start right away.

Here is everything that you get when you join Virtual Wholesaling:

  1. My complete "Automated Deal Getting System" - this is the system for finding all of the underground motivated seller leads you can handle. I give you everything you need to get this off the ground (including all the postcards and voice mail scripts)
  2. My "Investor-Buyer Attraction System" - this system helps you locate all the motivated investor buyers anywhere in the country that are looking for the exact same type of deals you will find. (this includes all the postcards, phone scripts, website templates, "automatic email" messages)
  3. Becoming a "Real Estate Matchmaker" - I take you by the hand and show you step by step you can become THE real estate matchmaker for the buyers and sellers you find using my other two systems. I train you in every part of the business with easy to follow step by step video tutorials. (it's as if I was right there with you) ... showing you step by step what to do to make sure you don't make a mistakes
  4. It's completely step by step - I've taken the above systems and further broken them down into bite-size modules so that are not going to be overwhelmed. (there are actually 12 modules you will follow and implement). It's very clear and concise so that you don't get confused about what to do first, second, etc.... and most importantly, you can start making money right away.
  5. Bonus # 1 - You'll get my Virtual Wholesaling Seminar Bootcamp Recordings (previously sold for $997) - this was a closed-door event where I completely dissected and spilled the beans on my personal Virtual Wholesaling business. (this will help you understand all the concepts even better and get you moving in the right direction quickly so that you can start making money as soon as possible)
  6. Bonus # 2 - Virtual Wholesaling Buyer's Website Built For You ($397 Value)
    This is the exact website that you would normally have to go out and find someone to build for you (normally you only get the template for this website). Instead, I'm going to have my team personally hand built this site for you according to my exact specifications so that you don't have to do it (it's going to be one less thing you have to worry about now)
  7. Bonus # 3 - All the contracts, forms,letters you need to start doing deals ($1,000 real world value) - Instead of you having to go out and figure out what all the paperwork should say (which could be dangerous for you since you could make a mistake that will cost you thousands) ... I am giving you every single document I use in my Virtual Wholesaling business. I have paid thousands of dollars in legal fees (not to mention a lot of trial and error on the field) but you get all this when you join Virtual Wholesaling.
  8. Bonus # 4 - Access to my own transaction coordinator ($397 value) - instead of you having to struggle with trying to figure out how to close your deals (and risk making a mistake that can cause the entire deal to go south along with your chances of making money), I'm going to give you 100% access to my personal "virtual" closing coordinator. They are going to be able to help you with each and every one of your deals and make sure you get paid.(it's almost like having another coach there with you every step of the way)
  9. Bonus # 5 - Personal coaching from me, my coaches, and other successful students ($1,164 value) - this is proof of how much I want to help you succeed (because no other system offers this). I know you'll have questions when you start to implement my system. (or perhaps a little re-assurance that you are doing everything right). So I am making myself and my entire team of coaches and other successful students available to you to answer any questions you have. It doesn't matter the questions or topic (don't worry .. we'll answer even the simplest questions), I want to make sure you get the answers you need to help you succeed with my system.

The total value of just the bonuses is $3,977!

PS # 5 - I eat my steak either way

Here is the cold hard truth. I eat steak tonight no matter what choice you make. Let me explain. In ghe grand scheem of things my financial position will not be effected much by your decision to become a member of Virtual Wholesaling.

My daughter will still go to the same private school, my wife will still get the fancy shoes from the magazine and I'll still play golf at the club this weekend.

However, your choice will have a HUGE impact on your future. this is really all about you and our dreams. Bottom line, it's guaranteed and you can't possibly lose.

PS # 6 - This training is real and so am I

Just so you know, I'm a real person and I really do have a great family and a great lifestyle all from doing exactly what I showed you here on this page.

The picture below is my favorite photo so far of my family

I'm happily married to my high shool sweetheart... Roz.

I am a proud father of Alexandra. She was born on July 30th 2007 and I love spending as much time as possible with her.

This photo was an opportunity that I had only because of the freedom that I have with my business.

Alexandra has been going to private school ever since she turned a year and a half. She goes to Montessori school and its done wonders for her development (I want to make sure that she has the best available to her).

They had a nice birthday party for her at school in the middle of the day and I got a chance to attend with my wife (who's semi retired from being a pharmacist).

This only happend because my business affords me the time and flexibility to share in these moments with my daughter (you can never get these moments back... ever).

So I want to make sure that have your own opportunity to do the same.